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November 15, 2006

Partial-Birth, Adam, Psalm 110:1, Torture, Logical Empiricism

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  • Greg Koukl comments on Partial-Birth Abortion over at Townhall “Morally Velocitized” (posted 11/14/06).
  • Listen to a recent (11/10/06) lecture from Fuz Rana on “Who Was Adam?”
  • Anthropomorphism Protestant Style, by Paul Helm (posted 11/1//06).

  • Joab, Nathan, And Uriah In 2 Samuel 11-12, Stephen R. Walkup (D.Min.), Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, 2006.
  • Paul’s Theological Hermeneutic Of The Spirit In 2 Corinthians 3, Michael P. Hemenway (D.Min.), Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, 2006.
  • Tobit A Notated Translation Of The Major Greek Recensions And The Qumran Texts, Kristen F. Rapp (M.A.B.S.), Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, 2006.
  • Witness To The Withness: The Presence Of God Motif In Matthew, Reed Taussig (M.A.B.C.), Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, 2006.
  • An Exegetical And Theological Analysis Of Malachi 2:10-16 And Its Implications For The Divorce Debate, Timothy B. Davis (Th.M.), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006.
  • The Kingdom Of Christ And Of God: A Traditional Dispensationalist Argument For Inaugurated Eschatology, Kyle C. Dunham (Th.M.), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006.
  • The Use Of Psalm 110:1 In The Early Church To A.D. 220: An Exegetical-Historical Argument For A Directly Messianic Interpretation, John Aloisi (Th.M.), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, 2006.

  • Theology Today, Vol. 63, No. 3 (2006)
    “An Augustinian Look at Empire”, Charles T. Mathewes.
    “Making Enemies: The Imagination of Torture in Chile and the United States”, William T. Cavanaugh.
    “Developing a Jewish Theology Regarding Torture”, Edward Feld.
    “What Can Christian Teaching Add to the Debate about Torture?”, Jeremy Waldron.
    “Theology, International Law, and Torture: A Survivor’s View”, Dianna Ortiz.
    “Against Torture: An Evangelical Perspective”, David P. Gushee.

  • Heythrope Journal, Vol. 47, No. 4 (October 2006)
    “Mathesis and Analysis: Finitude and the Infinite in the Monadology Of Leibniz”, James Luchte.
    “Rhetoric of Faith and Patterns of Persuasion in Berkeley’s Alciphron“, Costica Bradatan.
    “The Lightning and the Earthquake: Kierkgaard on the Anfechtung Of Luther”, Simon D. Podmore.
    “A Positive Phenomenology: The Structure of Maurice Blondel’s Early Philosophy”, Michael A. Conway.
    “Act and Potency in Wittgenstein?”, Terrance W. Klein.

  • Religion and the Arts, Vol. 10, No. 2 (2006)
    “Art, Prophecy, and Drama in the Choir of Salisbury Cathedral”, Matthew M. Reeve.
    “Ekphrasis, Lorenzo Lotto’s Annunciation, and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion”, Jacqueline Olson Padgett.
    “‘Fidelity to the Word’: Lonerganian Conversion Through Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and Dante’s Purgatorio“, Gregory Maillet.
    “Shadows and Illuminations: Spiritual Journeys to the Dark Side in “Young Goodman Brown” and Eyes Wide Shut, John Neary.
    “Religious Community, Place, and the Spatial Arts: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives from Around the World”, John Renard.
    “Epimetheus Unbound: Victorian and Modernist, Backward and Forward”, Marion Spies.

  • Erkenntnis, Vol. 64, No. 3 (October 2006)
    “The Berlin School of Logical Empiricism and its Legacy”, Nicolas Rescher.
    “Haag’s Theorem and its Implications for the Foundations of Quantum Field Theory”, John Earman and Doreen Fraser.
    “Bootstrapping and Content Parts”, Ken Gemes.
    “Constructive Empiricism and Epistemic Modesty: Response to van Fraassen and Monton”, Marc Alspector-Kelly.
    “Gettier Cases without False Lemmas?”, Michael Levin.
    “Shutting Dretske’s Door”, Nicholas Shackel.
    “Information, Closure, And Knowledge: On Jäger’s Objection To Dretske”, P. Baumann.
    “Information and Closure”, Fred Dretske.

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