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April 14, 2007

Cults & World Religions (General) – Books

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God’s Rivals: Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? Insights from the Bible and the Early Church. Gerald R. McDermott (IVP, 2007; ISBN#: 978-0-8308-2564-6).

Christianity And Its Competitors: The new faces of old heresy. James McGoldrick (Christian Focus, 2006; ISBN#: 1-8455-0140-3).

World of the Spirits: A Christian Perspective on Traditional and Folk Religions. David Burnett (Kregel, 2006; ISBN#: 0-8254-6104-9).

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions. Larry A. Nichols, George Mather, Alvin J. Schmidt (Zondervan, 2006; ISBN#: 0-3102-3954-0).

The Baker Pocket Guide to New Religions. Nigel Scotland (Baker Books, 2006; ISBN#: 0-8010-6620-4).

World of the Spirits: A Christian Perspective on Traditional and Folk Religions. David Burnett (Monarch Books, 2006; ISBN#: 0-8254-6104-9).

Charts of World Religions. H. Wayne House (Zondervan, 2006; ISBN#: 0-3102-0495-X).

A Pocket Guide to World Religions. Winfried Corduan (InterVarsity Press, 2006; ISBN#: 0-8308-2705-6).

A Guide to New Religious Movements. Ed. Ron Enroth (InterVarsity Press, 2005; ISBN#: 0-8308-2381-6).

False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion. Lee Penn (Sofia Perennis Books, 2005; ISBN#: 1-5973-1000-X).

The Making of the New Spirituality: The Eclipse of the Western Religious Tradition. James A. Herrick (InterVarsity Press, 2004; ISBN#: 0-8308-3279-3).

Biblical Christianity and Other Religions: An Evangelical Assessment. David W. Baker (Kregel, 2004; ISBN#: 0-8254-2026-1).

Choosing My Religion. R.C. Sproul (P&R, 2004; ISBN#: 0-8755-2609-8).

The Illustrated Guide to World Religions. Dean Halverson (Bethany House, 2003; ISBN#: 0-7642-2838-2).

Encountering New Religious Movements: A Holistic Approach. Eds. Irving Hexham, Stephen Rost & John Morehead, II (Kregel, 2004; ISBN#: 0-8254-2893-9).

Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements. Irving Hexham (InterVarsity Press 2002; ISBN#: 0-8308-1466-3).

But Don’t All Religions Lead to God? Navigating the Multi-Faith Maze. Michael Green (Baker 2002; ISBN#: 0-8010-6439-2).

Christianity at the Religious Roundtable: Evangelicalism in Conversation with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Timothy C. Tennent (Baker 2002; ISBN#: 0-8010-2602-4).

Dictionary of Contemporary Religion in the Western World: Exploring Living Faiths on Postmodern Contexts. Eds. Douglas Groothuis, Chris Partridge & Christopher H. Partridge (InterVarsity Press, 2002; ISBN#: 0-8308-1436-1).

Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements. Irving Hexham (InterVarsity Press, 2002; ISBN#: 0-8308-1466-3).

The Challenge of the Cults and New Religions: The Essential Guide to Their History, Their Doctrine, and Our Response. Ron Rhodes (Zondervan, 2001; ISBN#: 0-3102-3217-1).

Mystics and Messiahs: Cults and New Religions in American History. Philip Jenkins (Oxford University Press, 2001; ISBN#: 0-1951-4596-8).

Misunderstanding Cults: Searching for Objectivity in a Controversial Field. Benjamin Zablocki (University of Toronoto Press, 2001; ISBN#: 0-8020-8188-6).

The Village Enlightenment in America: Popular Religion and Science in the Nineteenth Century. Craig Hazen (Univ of Illinois Press, 2000; ISBN#: 0-2520-2512-1).

Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message. Ravi Zacharias (Word, 2000; ISBN#: 0-8499-1437-X).

Charts of Cults, Sects, & Religious Movements. H. Wayne House (Zondervan, 2000; ISBN#: 0-3103-8551-2).

Dictionary of the Occult and New Age. Debra Lardie (Kregal, 2000; ISBN#: 0-8254-3090-9).

Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions. John Ankerberg and John Weldon (Harvest House, 1999; ISBN#: 0-7369-0074-8).

Asia’s Religions: Christianity’s Encounter with Paganism. Lit-Sen Chang (China Horizon, 1999; ISBN#: 1-8926-3203-9).

Neighboring Faiths: A Christian Introduction to World Religions. Winfried Corduan (InterVarsity Press, 1998; ISBN#: 0-8308-1524-4).

Encyclopedia of American Religions (6th Ed). Ed. J. Gordon Melton (Gale Research, 1998; ISBN#: 0-8103-8417-5).

The Compact Guide to World Religions. Ed. Dean Halverson (Bethany House, 1996; ISBN#: 1-5566-1704-6).

Cults, New Religious Movements, and Your Family: A Guide to Ten Non-Christian Groups Out to Convert Your Loved Ones. Richard Abanes (Crossway, 1998; ISBN#: 0-8910-7981-5).

Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult. George A. Mather and Larry A. Nichols (Zondervan, 1993; ISBN#: 0-3105-3100-4).

The Religious Fringe: A History of Alternative Religions in America. Richard Kyle (InterVarsity Press, 1993; ISBN#: 0-8308-1766-2).

Understanding Sectarian Groups in America. George W. Braswell, Jr. (Broadman & Holman, 1994; ISBN#: 0-8054-1047-3).

The Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America (2nd Edition). Gordon J. Melton (Garland Pub, 1993; ISBN#: 0-8153-1140-0).

The World of the Gurus. Vishal Mangalwadi (Cornerstone Press, 1992; ISBN#: 0-9408-9503-X).

Contend for the Faith: Collected Papers of the Rockford Conference on Discernment and Evangelism. Ed. Eric Pement (EMNR, 1992).

Handbook of Today’s Religions. Josh McDowell and Don Stewart (Thomas Nelson, 1992; ISBN#: 0-8407-3501-4).

The Deceivers: What Cults Believe, How They Lure Followers. Josh McDowell and Don Steward with Kurt Van Gorden (Here’s Life Publishers, 1992; ISBN#: 0-8984-0342-1).

Cult Watch: What You Need to Know About Spiritual Deception. John Ankerberg and John Weldon (Harvest House, 1991; ISBN#: 0-8908-1851-7).

See the Gods Fall: Four Rivals to Christianity. Francis Beckwith and Stephen Parish (College Press, 1997; ISBN#: 0-8990-0794-5).

Defending the Faith: A Beginner’s Guide to Cults and New Religions. Richard Abanes (Baker, 1997; ISBN#: 0-8010-5782-5).

When Cultist Ask: A Popular Handbook of Cultic Misinterpretations. Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes (Baker, 1997; ISBN#: 0-8010-1149-3).

Unmasking the Cults. Alan Gomes (Zondervan, 1995; ISBN#: 0-3107-0441-3).

Combatting Cult Mind Control. Steven Hassan (Inner Traditions Intl. Ltd., 1990; ISBN#: 0-8928-1311-3).

Kingdom of The Cults. Walter Martin, Ed. Hank Hanegraaff (Bethany House, 1997; ISBN#: 1-5566-1714-3).

Cults, World Religions, And You. Kenneth Boa (Victor Books, 1982; ISBN#: 0-8820-7752-X).

Scripture Twisting: Twenty Ways the Cults Misread the Bible. James Sire (InterVarsity, 1980; ISBN#: 0-8778-4611-1).

The New Cults. Walter Martin (Regal Books, 1980; ISBN#: 0-8844-9016-5).

Another Gospel: Alternative Religions and the New Age Movement. Ruth Tucker (Zondervan, 1989; ISBN#: 0-3104-0440-1).

What’s with the Dudes at the Door. James White and Eric Johnson (Bethany House, 1998; ISBN#: 0-7642-2070-5).

The Culting of America: The shocking implications for every concerned Christian. Ron Rhodes (Harvest House, 1994; ISBN#: 1-5650-7186-7).

By Hook or by Crook: How Cults Lure Christians. Harold Bussell (McCracken Press, 1993; ISBN#: 1-5697-7585-0).

The Lure of the Cults & New Religions: Why They Attract & What We Can Do. Ronald Enroth (InterVarsity Press, 1987; ISBN#: 0-8778-4994-3).

Confronting Cults – Old and New. Thomas M. Starkes (AMG Publishers, 1984).

Out of the Cults and Into the Church: Understanding & Encouraging Ex-Cultists. Janis Hutchinson (Kregal, 1994; ISBN#: 0-8254-2885-8).

Cults, Sects and the New Age. Rev. James J. LeBar (Our Sunday Visitor, 1983; ISBN#: 0-8797-3431-0).

A Guide to Cults and New Religions. Ronald Enroth, et al. (Zondervan, 1983; ISBN#: 0-8778-4837-8).

The Cult Explosion: An Expose Of Today’s Cults And Why They Prosper. Dave Hunt (Harvest House, 1980; ISBN#: 0-8908-1241-1).

Answers to the Cultist at Your Door. Bob and Gretchen Passantino (Harvest House, 1981; ISBN#: 0-8908-1241-1).

How to Respond to the New Christian Religions. Philip Lochhaas (Concordia Publishing House, 1979).

Know the Marks of Cults: The 12 Basic Errors of False Religion. David Breese (Victor Books, 1979; ISBN#: 0-8820-7704-X).

Cults and the Occult. Edmond C. Gruss (Presbyterian & Reformed, 1983; ISBN#: 8-8755-2308-0).

What the Cults Believe (4th Editon). Irvine Robertson (Moody Press, 1983).

Cults of North America. Earl Schipper (Baker, 1982).

So What’s the Difference? (Revised Ed.). Fritz Ridenour (Regal Books, 1979).

Counterfeits at Your Door. James Bjornstad (Regal Books, 1979).

The Four Major Cults. Anthony Hoekma (Eerdmans, 1963).

The Mind Benders. Jack Sparks (Thomas Nelson, 1977).

The Theology of the Major Sects. John H. Gerstner (Baker, 1978).

Those Curious New Cults. William J. Petersen (Keats Publishing, 1973; ISBN#: 8-7983-031X).

The Dictionary of Non-Christian Religions. Geoffrey Parrinder (Westminster Press, 1971).

Confronting the Cults. Gordon R. Lewis (Baker, 1978).

Cults and Isms: Twenty Alternates to Evangelical Christianity. Russell P. Spittler (Baker, 1962; ISBN#: 62-21702).

The Chaos of the Cults. Jan Karen Van Baalen (Eerdmans, 1953; ISBN#: 0-8254-2885-8).

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